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Pac-12 Oregon Initial Schedule Announced

The Pac-12 Network has announced what will be on the Oregon channel from Wednesday, August 15, the launch date, through Sunday, Sept. 2.

Taking a glance, we see that the Oregon St.-Nicholls St. opener will be live at noon on Sept. 1, and also replayed Sunday afternoon at 5 PM. The replay will be compressed down into 3 hours, but should show most of the action, similar to the replays we are used to on the other carriers.

The good news for those in the minority who can get the channel (pending the hopeful addition of satellite and secondary cable carriers; remember to go to the Pac-12 Network's channel finder and continue to voice your desire to be able to get the Pac-12 network, especially if you live where Comcast/Time Warner/Cox/Brighthouse aren't even an option at any price!) is that any time there is live football anywhere on the network, there will be live football on the Oregon channel.

All the other Pac-12 carried games are on the Oregon channel unless there is a direct conflict, and all the games have at least 1 replay, some more than one. Some of the replays are at times that might not fit some peoples' schedules, but the combination of multiple replays and setting your recording device will deliver all the Pac-12 football the Conference is carrying. Assuming you live where any of it will be delivered.

There's also going to be a healthy dose of "Pac-12 Classics", though all of those games are still "Teams To Be Announced", so we will need to keep checking the listings to see how that will actually pan out. It's hard to know what historic content (all of it belonged to someone else) the conference will be able secure the rights to, and at what cost.

There will also be numerous football preview shows, and, in a recording device saving measure, they too will all be repeated several times.

There's also a sprinkling of other sports, soccer, volleyball, and even field hockey, and those too will get some replays.

Comparing it to the National Channel schedule, and the other regional schedules for that matter, there's very little difference, at least initially, with different ("opposite") swapping out of which football game is the live one and which is the one being replayed later the main difference. The same thing could have been accomplished with 1 full-time channel, and at most a couple of alternates used only in those live game where there is a conflict, and the related replay slots.

How much things will diverge at a later date, providing Oregon specific soccer games opposite, say Arizona specific ones, remains to be seen. There's also little school/region specific non-game programming (think, for example, Beavers All-Access vs. Cougars All-Access, or Oregon having the Chip Kelly and Mike Riley shows, while the Bay Area having the Jeff Tedford and David Shaw shows). Hopefully, that will build out some with time.

So the network's local channel will deliver as promised, as far as game content goes. Carriage/availability will be the big issue, with the jury still out on "secondary" programming.