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Details On Track Surface


Work continues on the new Track and Field facility, and things are "growing" and the soccer field at Oregon St. One can see the track above no longer shows the black asphalt base, and the soccer field in the foreground, which was completely redone this spring, has grown well, and will be ready for the fall season.

The Gazette-Times has a story that takes a detailed look at how the track surface is being hand-created in layers, making it a top-quality training surface, as well as an investment that will deliver 15-20 years of service.

The contractor is the same one that created the surface for Hayward Field, which just hosted the Olympic Trials.

"It will be a world-class training facility for track athletes," Oregon St. Track and Field coach Kelly Sullivan explained, "right here in Corvallis. Every track facility in the world, 90 percent of the time is for working out and to train. Even Hayward Field is that way."

The opportunity to also compete in track, an advantage the University of Oregon has long leveraged, has also become a football recruiting advantage for Oregon St., and that was before there was a facility to train on.

The area where the track and soccer stadium sit, being located adjacent to Hwy. 34 near Reser Stadium, is also the first and last thing most visitors to the campus (like it or not, football games attract about twice as many people as attend the university, and many more come to events at Gill Coliseum and the La Sells Center), and most people who are just passing by, see, and the improvement in image of the south side of the campus will be a boost to the entire college.