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Nate Yeski Named A Full-Time Coach By Casey

Nate Yeski, who has been the pitching coach, which remarkably has not been a "full time" position, for Oregon St. the last 4 years, was promoted today by baseball head coach Pat Casey to a full-time position. Yeski will fill the spot the departure of former Associate Head Coach Marty Lees for Oklahoma St. created.

"It's very humbling to be on a staff at a place like Oregon State," Yeskie said. "I've been fortunate to work here for the past 4 seasons, and it's been a great opportunity, and continues to be. We've done a lot of great things these 4 seasons, and I really look forward to building on that."

"I'm excited for the opportunity to get out there and recruit, and help keep this program as one of the best in the Pac-12 Conference and in the nation," Yeski added. "I'm very appreciative of the support here and the opportunity Coach Casey is giving me."

The Beavers' pitching staff posted a 3.14 ERA in 2011, their second best since 1979, and despite seeing all their starers move on, put together a 3.48 ERA in 2012, 5th best ever in Oregon St. history, under Yeski's direction.

Eleven different pitchers Yeski has mentored have been selected in the Major League Baseball draft, 8 in the first 10 rounds.

"I believe in loyalty, and I think Nate has been loyal to our program," Casey said. "He's been in a position where he's called a 'volunteer' coach, but it's a full-time job. He's had opportunities to look at other things and didn't do it. But that's only part of it. Had he done those things but not helped us do things to maintain this program as one of the best in the nation, we wouldn't hire him."

"He's a guy that has those qualities," Casey added. "He's going to be a great recruiter. It's going to be a tremendous addition to our staff. Like I said, he's been very loyal to the Oregon State baseball program, and it's with a lot of pleasure that I get to see him be rewarded for that."

Yeski's promotion only further solidifies what should be a pitching program that should be one of the best in the Pac-12, and maybe the country, next year.

"It's great because he contributes so much to the program," Matt Boyd said. "He's been the anchor of the pitching staff since he came to OSU in 2009. He's a big part of why the club has advanced to the postseason the last four years. Oregon State consistently runs out one of the best pitching staffs in the nation. Coach Casey always says that championships are built on pitching and defense. To have a pitching coach like that, with his background and knowledge, it's incredible to have him at Oregon State and I'm very happy for him."

"He's one of the hardest working coaches I have ever been around," Ben Wetzler added. "He means a lot to the pitching staff at Oregon State and has been a great mentor. For him to get this opportunity is fantastic. He has certainly put the work in to be successful and I know I'm excited for him."