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Don't Forget The Yahoo "Wisdom of the Crowds" Bracket Contest!

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You can't win the big jackpot that Yahoo is putting up, or even beat Connor, if you don't get your bracket in.

There's lots of intriguing matchups that resulted from the seeding, like New Mexico drawing Long Beach St., who most consider to be much tougher than a 12 seed should be. And that's one you can see if you are going to Portland for the sub-regional there.

Personally, I'm curious to see how far Wichita St., another team coming to Portland can go. And if they get to Atlanta, might they be something Kentucky isn't prepared for?

Which teams are you curious about? Who do you see as this year's dark horse? Drop a comment about how you are looking at the tournaments. Nothing beats talking hoops while we wait for actual hoops action, after all.

So make your best educated guesses, and get your bracket in! will even grant the reader who wins the most, or beats Connor, the opportunity to write your own Front Page story! (It just gets better and better!)

But you have to enter before the madness really begins!

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