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Get Your Bracket Right And You Could Hit It Big!

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It's March Bracket Madness Time!
It's March Bracket Madness Time!

Since you read (and all the other SB Nation team blogs), you are a college hoops expert, right?

After all, you have access to insights from people who follow all of the teams closely, which gives you the knowledge to get that killer bracket right!

The good news is you can apply that knowledge, and that killer bracket, and win big.

Yahoo has partnered with SB Nation this year to run "The Wisdom of the Crowds" bracket challenge, and its the best bracket challenge around.

You could win enough to pay for a season's worth of tailgating! And even parking! (That's how big this is.)

You could even beat Connor!

This is business though, so try to set aside your fascination with South Dakota St. (although its hard not to go with anyone who beat Washington, right?), and be realistic about your Pac-12 Champion Colorado Buffalos. But remember that when the brackets are announced today, and you fill out your bracket, its not about the seeds, or the conference the teams are from, or even the overall records. And certainly not the RPI.

Its about the MATCHUPS! When you are looking for an upset, or deciding to go with chalk, in any given game, take a look at how the teams match up with each other. (See, you did learn something from the Pac-12 tournament.)

A top 25 RPI team is generally better than the RPI 50-150 teams. But it does NOT mean the team that has, for example, the #17 RPI is better than the #113 RPI team. That particular matchup could be a big problem for the higher ranked team. Find the matchup nightmares and you will find your mid-major or at-large bubble team that is going to make a Butler-like run this year. Or just create a bunch of busted brackets with an opening weekend upset the RPI honks didn't see coming!

Just ask anyone from California about Colorado.

So do your research, and you could win!

The bracket is up.

But you have to join the group, and enter!

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