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Game Thread: OSU vs. Oklahoma

Oregon State (10-5, 0-0) vs. Oklahoma (11-4, 0-0) - 11:00 AM PST - Goss Stadium, Corvallis, OR - KPOJ 620 - Video and Audio on Beaver Nation Online, for a fee

The Beavs end the college showcase today against the Oklahoma Sooners. Thusfar this weekend, Oregon State has thrashed West Virgina, beat Illinois with ease, and lost to UCONN. Oklahoma has also lost to UCONN and beat West Virginia, and they've beaten the Ducks as well.

Oregon State's starter is Dylan Davis, and Oklahoma is scheduled to throw Damien Magnifico.

Final Score - Box score
UI 2

Final Score - Box score

Game 1 - Beaver starter Dan Child dominated this one, working all the way into the 9th. He went 8 and 1/3 innings, allowing 2 runs on 5 hits, while striking out 9 Illini batters, and walking just 2. It was nice to see Child do quite well after his somewhat rocky beginning to the season.

The Beaver bats got going in the 2nd. Ryan Dunn and Kavin Keyes were both hit by 2-strike pitches to lead off the inning. Illinois starter Matt Milroy walked or hit 6 out of the first 11 batters he faced. Jake Rodriguez bunted them over, and Danny Hayes walked to load the bases. Ryan Barnes singled home 2 runs, and a Max Gordon groundball to 2nd went as a fielders choice, giving the Beavs first and third with one out. Gordon moved to 2nd on an early steal, and a Smith walk and Conforto HBP forced in the 3rd run of the inning. Dylan Davis cleared the bases with a line drive double, that never got very far off the ground, but rolled all the way to the wall, giving the Beavs a 6-0 lead.

With the bases full of Beavers in the 6th, Conforto finished off the Beaver scoring with a 2-run single. After a strikeout and a walk, Dan Child was lifted in the 9th, and replaced by Zack Reser. He let Child's run score, but nothing more, and the Beavs won the first game easily.

Game 2 - After Beaver starter Jace Fry retired the Huskies in the 1st, the Beavers scored in the bottom of the frame. A one out Tyler Smith walk and stolen base set the table for Michael Conforto, who singled him home. The Huskies answered in the 2nd, capitalizing on a walk and infield hit, and eventually hit a sacrifice fly to tie the game.

Ryan Barnes lead off the 3rd with a walk, and was bunted over by Max Gordon. Tyler Smith walked, and then the Huskie pitcher balked the runners over to 2nd and 3rd with one out, and Conforto once again capitalized, hitting a groundball to the right side to score a run. The Beavers added on to the lead in the 4th, when a slew of walks and hit batsmen ended up forcing in a run, giving the Beavs a 3-1 lead, which quickly disappeared.

Jace Fry got into some trouble in the 4th, after a walk, booted groundball, and sacrifice bunt gave the Huskies 2nd and 3rd with one out. Fry was replaced by Taylor Starr. The Beaver freshman went 4.1 innings, allowing 2 runs (1 earned) on just 2 hits. He walked 3 and struck out 1. A groundout scored a Huskie run, bringing them to within 1 run at 3-2. UCONN tied the game in the 6th with a pair of one-out doubles.

The Beavers took out Taylor Starr, and put in Cole Brocker to start the 7th inning. Starr went 1.2 innings, allowing 1 run on 2 hits, walking 2 and striking out 1. Brocker didn't fare well, allowing a leadoff double and 2-run homer to give the Huskies a 5-3 lead. The Beavs couldn't capitalize on a 2nd and 3rd situation with one out in the 7th, as Hayes' fly ball was too shallow for anybody to tag up on, and Gorton's foulout ended the inning.

The Huskies added a unearned run in the 8th, the last inning Brocker pitched. He allowed 4 hits over 2 innings, and also surrendered 3 runs, 2 of which were earned. Tony Bryant pitched an uneventful 9th, striking out one of the 3 batters he faced.

Go Beavers!