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Practice And Injury Update For Oregon St.

The good news for Oregon St. for the impending assault on Stanford Saturday at noon is that the Beavers should be at full strength.

Cornerback Jordan Poyer, who was a game afternoon decision to not play last week against Arizona St., returned to practice Monday, with a brace on his knee, and has increased his activity as the week has worn on. Poyer, who received an invitation to the Senior Bowl today, is expected to return to the lineup against the Cardinal.

Running back Storm Woods, who was also unable to go against the Sun Devils, also returned to practice Monday, and has worked each day. Who will start, and how much each of the several backs will play, against Stanford is something Coach Mike Riley hasn't decided on yet, but he expects Woods to be an option.

The only notable absence this week was center Isaac Seumalo, who took Tuesday off to rest his hip, but he was back practicing today.

Oregon St.'s ability to stay reasonably healthy, the absence of Poyer and Woods last week not withstanding, has been a huge factor in this season's success compared to last year. Knock on wood. Take your choice of the Storm or Stanford Tree variety.