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Are You The Beavers' Biggest Fan? Are You The Best College Football Fan In The Country?

Are you an even bigger fan of the Beavers than Benny?
Are you an even bigger fan of the Beavers than Benny?
Photo by Andy Wooldridge

If you are, here's your chance to tell us why, and your chance to win 2 tickets to college football game of your choice, from Championship weekend through the bowl season, 2 plane tickets to get there, and a hotel room for 2 while you are there (your friendly BTD reporter IS a great choice to go along, but you can take your other half as well), all courtesy of Hyundai and SB Nation.

With the Beavers in the battle for the Rose Bowl, or possibly getting to go to the Alamo Bowl or the Holiday Bowl, that could be one sweet deal! Or maybe you want to be at the BCS National Championship Game?

You may have noticed the folks at Hyundai have sponsored the poll coverage all year, and the reason is they love college football as much as we do. They love, appreciate, and value college football fans like you too, and the Hyundai Fanthropology campaign is their way of showing it.

One lucky reader of one of the SB Nation blogs will be chosen by Thanksgiving, but this isn't one of those 1 in a million drawings; its one where you get to make your case as to why YOU are the Beavers' biggest fan, and for that matter, the best college football fan in the country.

All you have to do is state your case why you are the best of the best fans in the country in the comment section below between now and next Sunday night.

Do you go overboard for college football? Are you 100% on board with your Beavers?

Tell us not only how much you love college football, which is the greatest sport in the land, but also why you are so loyal to your team. (And given how many OSU fans survived the dark ages that were 28 losing seasons, there are plenty of highly loyal members of Beaver Nation!)

Do you love the cheerleaders, the band, the tail gating, the first down chop, the fight song, and the alma mater too? Be sure to include that!

On Monday, 11/12, after we are all back from this weekend's venture down to "The Farm" to cut down the Stanford tree, I get to choose the best story about one of your fandoms. and then we will work together to share your story on the front page. That will be the entry the Hyundai and SB Nation judges consider along with those from the best fans from all the other blogs, like those Purple Dogs up the road and the Quacks down south, and choose the best fan to get to go to the dream game of your choice.

(I'll have to be able to get ahold of you, so be sure the email in your profile is up to date!)

You only get one entry, though, so you can't try an end run by claiming to be the biggest fan of, say, Stanford for example, as well just to get into a fan base that doesn't have anyone as dedicated as Oregon St. fans.


But I can't imagine there isn't someone in Beaver Nation that can't eclipse everyone else! After all, Oregon St. fans are the best! Just ask Coach RIley!

So get your best fandom story together, and get those tickets to the Rose Bowl!

Go Beavs!

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By commenting below, you are subject to and accept the terms and conditions of the Hyundai Fanthropology Sweepstakes.