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More Injury News At Oregon St.

Oregon St. women's basketball's senior guard Sage Indendi will miss the season, after ankle surgery.
Oregon St. women's basketball's senior guard Sage Indendi will miss the season, after ankle surgery.
(Photo by Andy Wooldridge)

It wasn't that long ago that Oregon St. fans learned of the season ending knee injuries to men's basketball center Angus Brandt, and the football team's starting fullback Tyler Anderson, and in the spirit of the holiday season, hopes were for no more such serious injuries. Unfortunately, that's not to be the case, as the doctors have advised of another pair of serious injuries, affecting both basketball teams.

Daniel Gomis, a 6'10" sophomore center from Senegal, will miss the season after knee surgery, which is scheduled for December 11 (after finals), we learned today. Gomis already lost a season to a broken leg. It was unclear just how much Gomis was going to contribute this year, but there's no doubt coach Craig Robinson was hoping for something of a breakout, especially with Brandt injured, and not for another of his post men making things lucrative for the team doctor.

The other injury stands to make things especially tough for women's basketball coach Scott Rueck, though. Senior guard Sage Indendi has had to have surgery on her ankle, and will also miss the rest of the season.

Indendi started every game last year, was second in minutes played, and was the second highest returning scorer for the Beavers in Pac-12 games last season.

Indendi played for Rueck on his Division III National Championship team at George Fox, before following Rueck to Oregon St., and has already used a red-shirt season.

The good news is that while WR Brandin Cooks took practice off for the third day this week, resting his bruised knee, Cooks is still expected to play Saturday when the Beavers host Nicholls St., though it wouldn't be a surprise if he calls it a day early, especially if Oregon St. gets out to a sizable lead, in favor of being full speed for the bowl game following Christmas.

Another piece of good news is that Anderson is already getting around without his crutches after his surgery.