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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Beaver Nation!
Happy Thanksgiving Beaver Nation!

Its Thanksgiving Day, and despite the trials of night games in the rain, and the tribulations of Pac-12 channel distribution difficulties, we have much to celebrate and give thanks for, including but certainly not limited to the good fortune to be able to pursue our shared passion for Oregon St. athletics.

Today we are thankful for the resurgence of our beloved Beavers this football season, one that will reward us with a bowl trip. Hopefully, a very good one. At the very least, we can be thankful for the opportunity to win such a prize.

We are thankful for a team with not only great depth, but great depth of character.

We are thankful that Benny has his warm winter coat, and for the best band in the Pac-12.

We are thankful for the cheer team, the coaching staff, and the entire Beaver Dam.

We are also thankful for prospects of a good basketball season.

We are also thankful for the news that Cody Vaz and Grant Enger have recovered from their ankle injuries enough to return to practice yesterday.

Fullback Tyler Anderson is the only Beaver sure to miss action in the Civil War, a record of health for our Beavers we can truly be thankful for, and we are thankful as well for the team doctors and trainers who will repair Anderson's knee, returning him to action next season.

We at BTD are also thankful for all of you who support the Beavers, and find our offerings of interest.

So enjoy football on tv and turkey and all the trimmings today, and save room for some pie! Saturday, we take on the Ducks, a decidedly less tasty form of fowl!

Go Beavs!