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Sean Mannion Out Indefinitely (Updated 10/9)

Oregon St. quarterback Sean Mannion has suffered a left knee injury that will require surgery, and is out indefinitely. The damage happened on a hand-off play in Saturday's 19-6 win over Washington St.

Mannion finished the game, and wasn't even on the trainers report post game or Sunday evening, but Mannion noticed swelling Sunday, and had an MRI late Sunday to check it out. The results came back Monday, and the news was not good. Mannion's knee is in a brace, and will require surgery, and will be out indefinitely.

Whether it will be the entire season or just most of it has still not been determined, and head coach Mike Riley said the doctors were still evaluating the matter. Hopes are for surgery to be performed by mid-week. Riley expects to learn more in a couple of days, but a return before the end of the year has not been ruled out.

Update 10/9: Dr. Doug Aukerman, Oregon St.'s team physician, has confirmed there is meniscus damage, and surgery will be performed Thursday. Depending on any additional damage being found, Mannion's status will be week to week as he recovers.

Best case projections based on others who have had meniscus clean-up procedures similar to what is believed to be needed here could have Mannion back in 4 weeks or so, but that's speculative, and what doctors find inside Mannions' knee could vary.

Red-shirt junior Cody Vaz takes over as Oregon St.'s signal caller. Vaz has not appeared in a game this season or last, and saw only minimal action on 2010, when he completed 6 of 17 passes, for 48 yards, in 5 games, but has been on the active roster every game in all three seasons.

The news parallels word out of Provo that BYU quarterback Taysom Hill also suffered a surgery requiring knee injury at the end of the Cougars' win over Utah St. BYU, however, has a starter coming back from a back injury in Riley Nelson.

The Mannion injury was certainly the most significant piece of personnel news to come out of Monday, but there were several other pieces of news.

Wide receiver Markus Wheaton and outside linebacker D.J. Welch, who missed practice with a sore foot and a sprained ankle, respectively, are listed as day to day, according to Riley. Wheaton is expected to be ready for BYU, and Riley also expects Welch to be back as well, but Welch is a little more iffy.

Offensive guard Grant Enger also missed Monday's action, but is not expected to be out an extended period of time.

One player who won't be back is freshman defensive lineman Noah Aluesi, who Riley announced has been dismissed from the team for violation of team rules.

There was also non-personnel news today, as start time for the Homecoming game on Oct. 20 will be 7:30 PM, and will be on either ESPN or ESPN2.