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Blackout Not Blacked Out

The planned Blackout games at Oregon St. against Utah for Homecoming and against California that were apparently "Blacked Out" when the University announced the campaign was being suspended are back on after all.

Today, Oregon St. University President Ed Ray released a statement to the OSU Community that challenged all to demonstrate the great progress made at Oregon St.

This fall, we can do that in a very simply way: wear black attire to the Oregon State - Utah football game on Oct. 20 and to the Cal game on Nov. 17 to express support and affection for the remarkable football Beavers. This simple act sends a profound message: that we are united as a community, and that those who engage in behavior that is hurtful to others will not deter us from taking this next step in appropriately living our values.

President Ray of course addressed the history of the matter, and called for common sense to prevail in dealing with the very real issues involved. But its clear once again that he sees the entire picture. Its the quality that has made him a leading figure in NCAA affairs, as well as in countless other arenas the University is engaged it.

So Go Beavs!, and you can wear that black jersey after all!