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Poyer's X-Ray Negative

The X-Ray on Oregon St. corner back Jordan Poyer's wrist was negative, and the soft cast he wore in Monday's practice was gone today, as he was back to practice for both defense and special teams.

"He'll catch punts Saturday," Oregon St. head coach Mike Riley said after practice.

Josh Andrews and Colin Kelly, the offensive linemen missing Monday were back practicing at full speed as well, which is good news for returning starting quarterback Sean Mannion.

The only issue of note for the offense was slot receiver Obum Gwacham getting his ankle worked on, but its not expected that he will miss the Washington game Saturday night at Century Link Field in Seattle as a result.

Defensively, Dylan Wynn was back taking a bite out of offensive linemen, after having a wisdom tooth pulled yesterday.

The only notable absence from practice was defensive tackle Castro Masaniai (and when you are 330 lbs large, your absence will be notable!), but Riley said Masaniai was fine, and is expected back tomorrow.

Reserve offensive lineman Gavin Andrews took things lightly again today, with a sore knee. Riley explained that the soreness stems from surgery last year, and they are being careful with it.

In other news about Saturday's game, which is Homecoming for the Huskies, Washington announced they have already distributed 56,000 tickets, including the 4,500 allotted to Oregon St.

UW is averaging 57,702 for the season at CenturyLink Field, with a high of 66,202 against USC. This is down slightly from last year, when they averaged 62,531 at Husky Stadium, which is currently being renovated.

The Huskies also got Ben Riva, the offensive lineman that broke his arm at the beginning of the season, back last week for the Arizona game. Expect Riva to have some of the rust shaken off by this Saturday.