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BTD's Week 8 Top 25 Poll Ballot

Not a lot of change this week, with much of the movement due to the plummeting of South Carolina and West Virginia. The Gamecocks stayed in while the Mountaineers didn't, in part because there may not have been a tougher 2 week road trip than theirs to LSU and Florida. West Virginia was blown out twice in a row, and once at home, and you can't do that with what was the Heisman Trophy frontrunner. I also think the future is going to be much tougher for the Mountaineers than the Gamecocks.

Notre Dame gets more credit for beating BYU at home than Ohio St. does for getting a win over a Purdue team that beat them for all but 3 seconds.

Either the Irish or Oklahoma is going to take a dip next week, but its too soon to tell whom.

I debated how much to penalize Cincinnati for a close loss, but then they have the chance this week against Louisville to climb right back into the top 25 with a win.

And who would have thought the cream of the crop in the MAC might be better than much of the Big-10's aristocrats?

I did debate Wisconsin vs. Michigan, but strength, or at least attractiveness, of schedule has favored the Wolverines. That could well change soon enough, though.