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BTD's Week 7 Top 25 Poll Ballot

George Frey - Getty Images

West Virginia was the big loser this week, and not just because they lost to a then un-ranked Texas Tech, but because they lost badly. Admittedly, most of those Mountaineers have never seen anything like Lubbock, but still.

I had a hard time putting Notre Dame ahead of South Carolina, because a review of replay shows they didn't really beat Stanford, but the Irish still got the win. It's also the reason the Cardinal are still ranked, which by the way is why Arizona St. isn't, even though Stanford did effectively lose the game, by not getting it won earlier than they did.

I bumped Oregon St. up a little higher than most did, and not because of local allegiances, but because a solid road win as an underdog with a backup quarterback is better than the Irish's home at least partially gift-wrapped win. And if I have to give Notre Dame credit for a 0 in the loss column, then Oregon St. gets that same credit. And LSU doesn't.

What's really stunning is that the Big Ten has no one in the BCS top 25, and is struggling to even get or keep any team in anyone's top 25.