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By the Numbers - BYU

The Beavers turned in another good performance on the road, making it three impressive road wins. The Beavers offense didn't miss a beat with Cody Vaz replacing Sean Mannion. Here are some stats to show how the game went and how the season is going.

George Frey - Getty Images

6 - Number of explosive plays (20+ yards). 2 to Brandin Cooks, 2 to Connor Hamlett, 1 to Markus Wheaton, 1 to Malcolm Agnew. Every scoring drive contained an explosive play, and every other drive that lacked one did not get a score. The Beavs have excelled at explosive plays this year, and it all starts with Cooks and Wheaton, although Connor Hamlett has been coming through in the clutch lately as well.

112.8 and 131.8 - Yards per game for Cooks and Wheaton respectively. Even the highly esteemed BYU defense could not hold back these speedsters nor could a change of quarterback. Heck, not even a lightly sprained ankle can slow them down. Cooks' average is even higher than the leading overall yardage receiver in the nation, DeAndre Hopkins from Clemson who is averages 129.5 yards per game.

118 - Rushing total for the Beavs. It has been mentioned a lot post game, but it is a big deal. The BYU defense has been especially stout this year and this was double what they had been giving up.

5 - Number of rushes over 10 yards. This might not look like that great a number but it was out of 20 rushes as a team. The offensive line opened up a number of holes against the Cougars today, BYU did stuff a number of runs, but the running game has steadily improved since that first game versus Wisconsin. Storm Woods is really explosive and as proven today if he gets hurt Malcolm Agnew is a completely suitable backup.

3 - Number of explosive plays for BYU. The Cougars still had a pretty good offensive output and they did mostly by driving down the field. The Beavers actually did a pretty good job of not allowing big plays, although it felt like a lot more.

44.4% - 3rd conversion rate for BYU. The Beaver defense had been one of the best on the nation on 3rd down and the Cougars far exceeded the previous season average which was around 20%. The exact number was 8/18, Riley Nelson ran for 3 conversions, threw for 4, and Jamaal Williams ran for 1. There was also the 4th down drive which saw BYU convert 3 4th downs, on 2 passes and 1 rush. The qb runs could have maybe been avoided with a spy, Michael Doctor or DJ Alexander (formerly DJ Welch) probably would have been fast enough to keep up with him.

0 - Number of field goals attempted. The OSU offense converted drives, they did not have to settle for field goals. Also with how Romaine has been as of late avoiding field goals is great. Also it is the number of losses.

5 - Number of wins. Go Beavs!