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BYU Game An ABC Split-National Game, 12:30 West Coast Time Slot



The Oregon St.-BYU game on Oct. 13 will be a 1:30 PM+ MDT kickoff, and part of an ABC "National-Split" game window, which means its the familiar 12:30 PDT ABC broadcast in the west, which will be the Pac-12 footprint plus much of the intermountain west, thanks to being BYU.

Viewers in other areas will be able to see the game on ESPN3. It probably won't be on ESPN as some times happens with split national broadcasts, as there is a Big XII game, West Virginia-Texas Tech, on ABC in some markets, and the Michigan/Illinois game is the ESPN game in areas that are not carrying it on ABC. Presumably, ESPN will be showing the Big XII game in the areas the Big 10 game gets ABC coverage.

There is also an ACC game scheduled for an overlapping time slot on ESPN2. ESPNU also has an overlap game.

You can dust off that antique black and white tv in the attic for this one, as it will be a "black out" game for BYU.

The Cougars will be wearing all black uniforms created by Nike for the first time in modern times, with the BYU faithful (and Oregon St. fans will recall from their turnout in Corvallis last year that there are a LOT of BYU faithful) encouraged to wear black as well.

Oregon St.'s usual road attire is of course all-white, and if they don't depart from that, a color tv won't be needed.