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Final Top 25 Ballot for the 2011-12 Season

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It was hard to hand the unimpressive offenses we watched Monday night any portion of the top spots in the season ending top 25, but certainly not the defenses, both of which were good enough this year to get their teams to the BCS National Championship Game despite their respective offenses.

Sorting out the best in the west was literally splitting hairs, and frankly, if we had a 4 team national playoff, or a 4 team playoff involving Oregon, USC, Boise St., and Stanford, I'd take those games every time.

The best thing about the Bowl season, both in the big bowls and the secondary ones some decry as not worth while, are the opportunities to compare and contrast styles and systems to a degree it takes half a decade of regular seasons blighted by FCS school contests and teams unwilling to take on a challenge to do.

Here's my take.