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Katz Still The Starter, But Will Agnew?

Oregon St. head coach Mike Riley reaffirmed at the weekly Pac-12 Media Update that Ryan Katz remains the starter at quarterback, at least for now, but that Sean Manion, who almost led Oregon St. to a comeback win Saturday against Sacramento St., will also play again Saturday morning against Wisconsin.

The plan is not set as to when they will be used, as in by quarters or halves, but there will be a play package used for both. Riley compared it to WRs or TEs, and having different packages utilizing them.

What's not set is whether freshman RB Malcolm Agnew, who rushed for an NCAA leading 223 yards in the Beavers' 29-28 overtime loss to the Hornets, will be in any shape to repeat that performance against the Badgers.

Agnew pulled his right hamstring in practice Tuesday morning, and missed most of the session. The severity of the problem won't be known for a while, but Agnew has a history of hamstring problems in both legs. He missed several games in high school with hamstring injuries.

DT Kevin Frahm did return to practice Tuesday morning, and is expected to play against Wisconsin.

Oregon St. is practicing in the morning all week, before leaving Friday morning for Madison, in order to adjust for the 11 AM CDT kickoff time that is 9 AM PDT (and Oregon St. player body time), for the ESPN2 broadcast window.