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Week 3 College Pick'Em Picks

Record: 14-6, Points: 87 (Out of 110)

After a great start to the season in week one, I flopped last week. That was mainly due to the Iowa Hawkeyes, who lost 44-41 against Iowa State. I had Iowa with nine confidence points, so that absolutely killed my total. This week I’m playing it safe by only picking upset, but I'm ranking it pretty high. Check them out:

Navy @ South Carolina, 3:00 PM, ESPN2

Pick: South Carolina (10)

I actually think the Midshipmen will keep this game close for a half, but with South Carolina at home and with their explosive offense, I can't see them losing to Navy.

Stanford @ Arizona, 7:45 PM, ESPN

Pick: Stanford (9)

I picked Arizona to have a bad year before the season started and they have done nothing to change my opinion on that. However, this game could change in it in a huge way. Andrew Luck has not faced this tough of an environment so far this year, but the Zona Zoo can't win the game by themselves. Expect the Cats to hang around, but I fully expect Stanford to win this one.

Washington @ Nebraska, 12:30 PM, ABC

Pick: Nebraska (8)

This is a pretty easy pick. The Huskies have struggled with both Eastern Washington and Hawaii, so there's no way I see them going into Lincoln and knocking off the 11th ranked Cornhuskers.

Ohio State @ Miami (Florida), 4:30 PM, ESPN

Pick: Ohio State (7)

Here's where the picks begin to get a bit risky. The Buckeyes looked anything but impressive in last week's 27-22 win against Toledo, but I just can't see them losing this game. I think the game will come down to the wire with a late interception sealing the win for tOSU.

The confidence may be a little high, but I’d be  surprised if Ohio State lost this one.

Michigan State @ Notre Dame, 12:30 PM, NBC

Pick: Notre Dame (6)

I love the Fighting Irish in this one. Coming off close back-to-back losses against good teams should fire them up, and add that with home field advantage and the fact that Michigan State hasn't been tested yet this season, and I think Notre Dame gets their first win of the season.

Oklahoma @ Florida State, 5:00 PM, ABC

Pick: Oklahoma (5)

A lot of people are taking the Seminoles in this one, but I don't see it. I'm expecting it to be a repeat of last year's 47-17 romp over the Noles, only this year it will be in Tallahassee. 

Texas @ UCLA, 12:30 PM, ABC

Pick: Texas (4)

It's judgement week for both of these teams. The winner will have a season of great success (Bowl eligibility) and the loser will be doomed (Four or five wins). Unfortunately for the Bruins and the Pac-12, I think that Texas is going to pull this one out. It should be one of the better games of the day though, going right down to the wire and ending on a key play one way or the other.

Utah @ BYU, 6:15 PM, ESPN2

Pick: BYU (3)

This is where the picks get really tough. All I'm going on here is both team's performances so far. Utah's offense hasn't looked too impressive against Montana State and USC, and while BYU's offense hasn't looked great either, they played road games against Mississippi and Texas. I'm taking BYU in overtime.

Auburn @ Clemson, 9:00 AM, ABC

Pick: Auburn (2)

Here it is, the weekly ACC two-point confidence game! For the third straight week I'm putting an ACC-involved game here. Expect this one to go down to the wire as both teams look equally mediocre so far this season.

Pittsburgh @ Iowa, 9:00 AM, ESPN2

Pick: Iowa (1)

While Texas-UCLA, Utah-BYU, and Auburn-Clemson should all come down to the wire, Pittsburgh-Iowa should be the closest game of week three. The Hawkeyes are looking to bounce back from their disappointing triple-overtime loss last weekend, while Pittsburgh will look to solidify their spot in the top ten (Bwahahahaha) with a resume-building road win.

I truly have no feel for this game, so when in doubt, go with the home team.

So, there you have it. Tell us who you're picking in the comments section.

Go Beavers!