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Beavs Apparently Don't Break Anyone Today!

That's been a rare happening this preseason, but it does appear that there were no additional serious injuries in today's practice, which head coach Mike Riley has shortened. Double days concluded with yesterday's practices.

There were some news-worthy notes though, in addition to one of the hottest days of the year being declared the annual popsicle day, as the Beavers made a couple of roster moves in response to the rash of injuries that has plagued pre-season preparations.

Junior WR Danny Evans switched to cornerback, in a move to get himself onto the field, as well as to help out a thin secondary, due to the absence of Brandon Hardin, who had surgery on his shoulder today in Seattle.

"Danny basically came to me," Riley said. "He's another guy who wants to get on the field somewhere. He’s doing a really good job on finding something on special teams that he can do, and then it’s a matter of if he can latch on, playing a position well enough to be on some special teams. Then you can get on the plane."

Nothing is worse than being left behind on the road trips.

Safety Lance Mitchell also took practice off, something Riley said may well happen throughout the season in order to not over-tax Mitchell's abdomen.

Speaking of Hardin, surgery reportedly went well.

"Everything seemed to go well," Riley said. "We don’t have any determination to how long it will be. We have to be prepared that he will miss the season."

That there was no prediction of the duration of Hardin's absence is actually as good as the news could be, though, as his progress can't be gauged yet. Any definite statement at this point would probably be clear bad news.

Oregon St. also added a walk on tight end to add at least some practice depth and an insurance poilcy.

Austin Slade-Matautia is from Iolani High in Oahu, Hawaii.

Here's a video, though his best moments came as a defensive end.

Oregon St. will practice at 2 3 PM tomorrow and Satuday, before taking Sunday off.