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More Players Switch To Defense

The first day of week 2 of fall practice for Oregon St. continues to have more administrative news than on-field action, as another pair of freshmen switched to defense, joining was a quarterback Peter Ashton, who moved to safety Saturday.

Oregon St. coach Mike Riley felt Ashton's decision to move might have been a bit premature, and considered trying to talk him out of it, noting it was pretty early to make that move, after 5 days. Riley felt Ashton had a lot of skills at QB, a nice arm and great feet.

"It's not smart to be discouraged at QB after Day 5," Riley said. "You're not even going to see the field for two years. You've gotta have a ton of patience."

Now, WR Tyrequek Zimmerman has also switched to safety, and walk-on RB Naji Patrick moved to cornerback.

Riley felt the departure of Dax Dilbeck from the secondary and the team, after his knee injury, contributed to the interest in switching.

"Players are smart," Riley noted. "They look at the depth chart, and we're not deep in the secondary, and especially at safety."

Zimmerman, who worked with the #2s in Monday night's practice, reaping an immediate move way up the depth chart, will switch from jersey #3 to #8, as there is no #8 on the defense, and starting safety Anthony Watkins wears #3.

On the injury front, WR Mitch Singler returned to action today, after watching a couple of days late last week with back spasms.

But sophomore CB Sean Martin will likely miss several days, after hitting hard head first covering a deep pass intended for Marcus Wheaton in the morning session. Martin remained motionless on the ground for several minutes, and Riley said later he would probably be slow to return to the field.

CB Brandon Hardin (shoulder), LB Josh Williams (hip flexor) and RCB Rashaad Reynolds, who has also been working as a kick returner with the special teams, all missed action today as well, though with what were expected to be minor issues. Hardin reportedly has a sore shoulder, Williams a hip injury, and Reynolds a minor knee strain.

Oregon St. will have only one practice Tuesday, at 2 PM, before another double session on Wednesday.