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2011 BTD Preseason Football Poll: Pac-12 South (3rd Place)

Today we continue the second annual picking of the BTD Preseason Football Poll. So far this week in Pac-12 South voting, we have pegged Colorado as 6th in the South, UCLA at 5th, and Arizona to finish 4th.

Below you will find my prediction, along with the three remaining Pac-12 South teams. Your job is simple, just pick the team that you think will finish 3rd in the South Division this season. The poll will be open all day, and the next poll will be up shortly after.

Happy Voting!

My Prediction: Utah

The Utes are going to be an interesting team to watch this Fall because I can see their season going three different ways. The best case scenario would be a 10-2 season. That would mean winning tough games at BYU and at Arizona. The worst case scenario would be going 4-8, which would mean losses against Washington, California, and Oregon State, to name a few.

In the end, I think Utah finishes 7-5 with losses against USC, BYU, Arizona State, Pittsburgh, and Arizona.

The key to Utah's season I think will be the receivers. The Utes have a great quarterback in junior Jordan Wynn, but his only main target is DeVonte Christopher. If the other recievers step up, look for the Utes to be in the upper half of the South instead of right in the middle.