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2011 BTD Preseason Football Poll: Pac-12 South (5th Place)

Today we continue the second annual picking of the BTD Preseason Football Poll.

Below you will find my prediction, along with the five remaining Pac-12 South teams. Your job is simple, just pick the team that you think will finish 5th in the South Division this season. The poll will be open all day, and the next poll will be up shortly after.

Happy Voting!

My Prediction: Colorado

This is the first pick that the BTD readers and I have disagreed on. I don't think Colorado is going to have a great season, or even be bowl-eligible for that matter, but I do think that they defeat Arizona in a close game to avoid the Pac-12 South cellar.

The key to the UA-CU game will be which defense can step up against the good offenses that both team's provide. The Wildcats do have the advantage in the linebacker and defensive backs department, but with Colorado having the edge on the lines and home-field advantage, I'm picking the Buffs to win a tight one.