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No Nike Combat Gear For OSU This Year

Last season, Oregon St. was fortunate enough to be included in the initial Nike Combat Gear program, receiving special uniforms that harkened back to the days of the Giant Killers of the late 60's, which the Beavers donned for the Civil War.

No such luck this season, as Nike has announced this year's participants, which includes both Army and Navy (the service academy showdown on December 10 should be worth a look for that reason alone). Pac-12 teams include last year's Pac-10 BCS Bowl participants, Oregon, who will don them against LSU in their Cowboys Stadium season opener (recall TCU had them for last year's Jerry-Bowl against OSU), and Stanford, who gets the Pac-12's end of season date this year, and will use them when they host Notre Dame on Nov. 27.

Boise St. will again be in the program as well, using them on opening Saturday in the Georgia Dome when the Broncos take on Georgia. The Bulldogs will also be sporting the special unis that day.

Other teams involved include Michigan St., LSU, and Ohio St.