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BTD Bracket Challenge: Standings After Regional Play

16 teams have survived the opening weekend of the 2011 NCAA Baseball Tournament. 10 one seeds moved on, 2 two seeds advanced, and 4 three seeds clinched a spot in the Super Regionals. Below are the standings after regional play in the 2011 BTD Baseball Bracket Challenge.

Place                   Name                                                 Points

1st                        Walley1078                                       12
T2nd                     MCD Mom                                         11
T2nd                     Figgi4life*                                          11
T2nd                     Beckett Sheeder                                11
T2nd                     Sahr                                                 11
T6th                      ConnorOSU*                                     10
T6th                      Takimoto                                          10
T6th                      Benjaxon                                          10
T9th                      Axemen23                                          9
T9th                      Ryan Rosenblatt                                 9
11th                      TennesseeQuackAttack8                    8
12th                      Robo7                                                7

* Ineligible for prize

Go Beavers!