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Early Start Set At Camp Randall

Start time has been set for the Oregon St.-Wisconsin game on September 10 at Camp Randall in Madison, WI, and its an early one.

The Big 10 Conference has announced that kickoff will be 11 AM CDT, as the game will be one of those games that start immediately after ESPN's Game Day show. Either ESPN or ESPN2 will air the game.

That means a 9 AM viewing start on the west coast, and more importantly, a start time body time wise that is before most college students wake up, which should be a substantial advantage for the Badgers. The Big 10 teams are accustomed to the 11 AM start time, a part of their contract with ESPN, while 12:30 PM is usually the earliest Pac-12 teams take the field.

Beaver fans will recall the 63-27 debacle at Louisville in 2005 in another road trip east to play one of the first games of the day. The most important part of game preparation for this one might be Coach Mike Riley making sure someone puts the coffee pot on early!