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BTD's Best OSU Games of 2010-2011 Tourney

Well, the offseason is officially upon us. The Beaver calendar doesn't have a spot filled until September 3rd, when the Football team will take on Sacramento State. To help pass the time, I will be doing a tournament to decide which 2010-2011 Beaver game was the best. It will be an eight game tourney and here's how it is going to work.

I have already decided the top four seeds. Your job right now is to vote for the final four seeds out of the seven choices below. The polls will close on Sunday afternoon at 3:45 PM Pacific and the tournament will start on Monday morning. Each game's polls will close after two days, and then the next matchup will be on Building the Dam the next morning. Here is a link to the seven games you can vote on.

Arizona, Basketball

Washington, Basketball

@ UCLA, Game One, Baseball

@ Arizona, Game Two, Baseball

@ Stanford, Game One, Baseball

@ Long Beach State, Game Two, Baseball

@ Long Beach State, Game One, Baseball

So, those are your choices. These can either be a game you would want to watch again, or the game that you think the Beavers played best in. Whatever you want.