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Halahuni Has To Have Surgery

Oregon St.'s 6'2", 260 lb. TE/H-Back Joe "The Tank" Halahuni had to have surgery this morning, to repair his left shoulder. Halahuni, had hoped a nagging injury suffered last season would respond to rehab, but was still struggling with the problem as spring practice would down. He visited Dr. David Chao in San Diego, who also works for the NFL's San Diego Chargers on Tuesday, and they determined surgery would be needed, so it was immediately scheduled for today.

Former Oregon St. receiver Aaron Nichols wrote on his Twitter: "The Tank is getting some repair work done today, shout out to Halahuni87 best of luck with surgery."

Halahuni, who was the Beavers' 4th. leading receiver in 2010, with 30 catches for 390 yards and 6 touchdowns, is expected to need 4 to 6 months to fully recover, putting his return sometime during the regular season.

In the meantime, only Colby Prince has any experience at the position, though freshmen Connor Hamlett, who had a great spring game, and was the Beavers' leading receiver for the day, and Tyler Perry both had good springs.