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Multiple Projections Agree: Beavers to be 1 Seed, Creighton Also Coming to Corvallis (Projection and Selection Open Thread)

Baseball America, College Baseball Daily, and ESPN have all released their final postseason projections, and each publication has the Beavers as a 1 seed. Each of them also agree that Creighton will be coming to the Corvallis Regional, either as a 2 seed or a 3 seed.

Baseball America and ESPN have the Beavers as the number 12 overall seed, while College Baseball Daily has Oregon State at 13.

After that, it gets a little bit blurry. Baseball America has Creighton as the 2 seed, Oklahoma State coming in as a 3 seed, and Seton Hall rounding out the regional at the 4 spot. CBD agrees with the first three seeds that BA has, but they think that Illinois will be coming instead Seton Hall.

ESPN's projections are completely different. They have Connecticut coming in as a 2 seed, a team that the Beavers defeated earlier in the year. They do have Creighton at number three, but they have Wright State coming in as the four seed.

If Beaver fans got to pick the regional out of these six teams, I'd say that we should be rooting for Creighton, Oklahoma State, and Illinois to come across the board in the Corvallis Regional on tomorrow's Selection Show.

Quick team breakdowns after the break

The Blue Jays fnished the season with a 44-14 record, but besides for four wins against New Mexico and a mid-week victory over Kansas State, they have not done anything special. They aren't too over-powering at the plate or on the mound either.

At the three seed, I would like to see Oklahoma State. The Cowboys finished the year with a mediocre 35-23 record, and like the Blue Jays, are not great at either the mound or the dish.

To round out the Corvallis Regional, a 28-25 Illinois club would be welcomed into Corvallis. The Fighting Illini did finish the season red-hot, but their team RPI is awful. They do swing the bat pretty well at a .284 average.

The reason that you don't see any of the teams that I highlighted in last night's post is because of UCLA getting a regional hosting spot. Most of those teams will be sent to wither Los Angeles, Tempe, or Fullerton instead of Corvallis

So, the bottom line is root for Creighton, Oklahoma State, and Illinois to be named to the Corvallis Regional on tomorrow's Selection Show. I'll see everyone then.

Go Beavers!