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Which Teams Could be Headed for a Corvallis Regional?

Assuming that the selection committee does their job later this afternoon and names Corvallis as one of the 16 Regional Host Sites for next weekend, you must be wondering what teams will be coming to Corvallis. Usually, the NCAA tries to put teams in the region of the host site into their regional. Here's a list of possible teams:

Fresno State: 40-14 - The Beavers and Bulldogs met back in February with Fresno prevailing by one run in each of the two games. With Fresno state's deep pitching staff and explosiveness at the plate, they are not a team you would like to have in your regional.

Gonzaga: 32-18 - The Beavers and these Bulldogs also met back in February, with Oregon State taking both games. I don't see the Zags as a major threat, especially if you could choose between them and Fresno State.

UC Irvine: 39-15 - Like Fresno State, the Anteaters are dangerous at both the mound and the plate. UCI bats a team .302 average, and the pitching staff sports a 2.95 ERA. The Anteaters are led on the mound by Matt Summers (10-2, 1.74) who threw a no-hitter on Friday against Long Beach State.

Cal State Bakersfield: 32-22 - The Roadrunners aren't a huge threat at the dish, but their pitching staff is good and deep, a dangerous combination in the NCAA Tournament. Led by Mike McCarthy (7-6, 1.65), CSUB has a team ERA of 2.93. All in all though, I would rather face these guys than Irvine of Fresno.

Rest of the teams after the break

Kansas State: 36-23 - Sometimes a west coast regional will feature a team from the midwest, and the Wildcats could be that team. Looking at KSU's stats though, I don't see anything too alarming. Kyle Hunter leads the Cats on the mound with a 5-4 record and a 4.26 ERA.

Oklahoma: 41-17 - The other likely candidate to come over from the Big 12. The Sooners started out the season red-hot, winning their first 16 games. Oklahoma came back down to earth once Big 12 play started, but they have been solid all year. I would much rather have Kansas State than these guys.

San Francisco: 30-23 - Honestly, the Dons don't pose much of a threat. Their website does not provide any stats, but they have a solid ace in Kyle Zimmer.

So here's how it breaks down:

Dream Regional

1. Oregon State
2. Oklahoma
3. Kansas State
4. San Francisco

It would either be Fresno State or Oklahoma for the 2 seed, and I don't want any part of the Bulldogs. They just plain scare me. UC Irvine is too talented to want in your dream regional, Gonzaga proved they can hang with us in those early season games, and Cal State Bakersfield has upset many top teams this season and I don't want the Beavers to be next.

That leaves San Francisco and Kansas State, who don't scare me that much.

Most Likely Regional

1. Oregon State
2. Fresno State
3. Gonzaga
4. Cal State Bakersfield

My hunch is that UC Irvine will get sent down to Tempe for travel and TV purposes. That's alright though, because we don't want any part of them. I don't see Oklahoma dropping from a 2 to a 3 seed, and Fresno State has that 2 spot pretty much locked up. Same thing with the Wildcats, except it would be from a 3 to a 4, and Gonzaga has the 3 seed secured, I believe. The last spot would be between San Francisco and Cal State Bakersfield, and since Gonzaga and CSUB are in the WCC together, the committee wouldn't pair them up here.

So, those are the possibilities. I could be 100% wrong on all of these, or 100% right.

Go Beavers!