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TCU Eliminated from MWC Tourney, All But Eliminated from National Seed Consideration

The Horned Frogs dropped a 4-2 decision tonight to the New Mexico Lobos, handing TCU their second loss of the tournament and giving New Mexico the tournament title. With the loss, TCU finished the tournament with a 2-2 record and will now be out of consideration for a national seed. The Horned Frogs likely needed a 3-0 record in the tournament to hear their name called in the Top 8 on Selection Monday.

As TCU drops out, it appears as if the race for the final national seed will come down to Florida State, Arizona State, and Oregon State. Below are the updated resumes for each team:

Florida State


Boyd's World RPI: 5

Boyd's World SOS: 14

Good Wins: Florida (3), Georgia (2), Virginia, North Carolina, Miami (Florida) (2), Jacksonville, Stetson, NC State (2)

Arizona State


Boyd's World RPI: 7

Boyd's World SOS: 13

Good Wins: New Mexico (3), Oklahoma (2), Cal State Fullerton, Arizona (4), California (3), Stanford (2)

Oregon State


Boyd's World RPI: 23

Boyd's World SOS: 44

Good Wins: Gonzaga (2), Connecticut, Arizona (2), Arizona State (3), Stanford (3), UCLA (2), California (2)

Out of these three teams, I still like the Beavers. The only thing holding Oregon State back is their RPI. The Beavers have more quality wins than Flordia State, and arguably, ASU as well. The Beavers also SWEPT the Sun Devils, something that has been overlooked a lot lately. If Oregon State wins the Pac-10 outright, I don't see how they could not get chosen for a national seed.

If the Beavers are Co-Champions of the Pac-10, that's where it gets a little more interesting. The Beavers would be the official champions of the conference no matter what happens in the UCLA-Arizona State series since they own the tiebreaker over both of them, but who knows how the selction committee will look at a shared conference title instead of an outright one.

Obviously, we will know more as the weekend progresses. Florida State plays their final game of Divisional play in the ACC Tournament tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM Pacific, the Beavers face Oregon at 2:00 PM Pacific, and the Bruins will battle Arizona State at 6:30 PM tomorrow night.

As soon as the Seminoles are eliminated from the ACC Tournament, we will update these resumes and give you the current standing of the Beavers. See everyone tomorrow!

Go Beavers!