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Championship Week is Here, How Does OSU Look in the National Picture?

Oregon St. will look to hammer out a National seed in the last week of the season.

<em>(Photo by Andy Wooldridge)
Oregon St. will look to hammer out a National seed in the last week of the season. (Photo by Andy Wooldridge)

We are down to the final seven days of the regular season. It seems like just yesterday we were in Fresno, beating a Gonzaga team that no one thought would be as good as they actually are, and losing to a Fresno State team that no one thought would be as good as they are now.

Along the way we defeated Connecticut, took a series from Arizona, California, and UCLA, and swept Arizona State and Stanford. We saw a near perfect game, a no hitter, and our announcer eating a napkin.

And through it all, we find ourselves on the verge of what we wanted all season long, a national seed. Two victories against USC would have most likely clinched a national seed, but according to Kendall Rogers of Perfect Game USA, if Oregon State wins two or three games against Oregon this weekend and is not selected for a national seed, something needs to be questioned.

Of course, what happens throughout Championship Week could also affect the selection committee’s decision.

I think that the six locks for national seeds are South Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Florida, Vanderbilt, and Georgia Tech. In my opinion, there are four teams competing for the final two national seeds: Oregon State, Florida State, TCU, and North Carolina.

First, let's take a look at each resume for the four bubble teams:

Oregon State


Boyd's World RPI: 27

Boyd's World SOS: 39

Good Wins: Gonzaga (2), Connecticut, Arizona (2), Arizona State (3), Stanford (3), UCLA (2), California (2)

Florida State


Boyd's World RPI: 4

Boyd's World SOS: 58

Good Wins: Florida (3), Georgia (2), Virginia, North Carolina, Miami (Florida) (2), Jacksonville, Stetson, NC State (2)


Record: 40-15

Boyd's World RPI: 15

Boyd's World SOS: 68

Good Wins: Baylor (2), Cal State Fullerton, Texas State, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State (2)

North Carolina

Record: 44-12

Boyd's World RPI: 1

Boyd's World SOS: 19

Good Wins: Cal State Fullerton, Charlotte, Stony Brook (3), Elon, Princeton, Clemson (3), Florida State (2)

Out of these four teams, the obvious choice is North Carolina. With 44 wins and the top RPI in the nation, there's no way that North Carolina won't be chosen for a national seed. After that it gets a lot more interesting, but assuming they win this weekend's series against Oregon, I think the Beavers get the nod.

Oregon State's SOS is better than any of the three remaining teams, and it would be a lot better if they didn't have a four game series against 6-43 Hartford. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how much weight the selection committee puts into RPI.

Both Florida State and TCU will be playing in conference tournaments this week.

In the ACC Tournament, Florida State will play in Division B along with Georgia Tech, Clemson, and NC State. Each team will play each other once, and the winner of Division B will face the winner of Division A in Sunday's Championship Game. BTD will keep you updated on Florida State's results in the ACC Tourney as the week goes on.

In the MWC Tournament, TCU will begin double-elimination bracket play on Wednesday. When TCU is eliminated or wins the tournament, BTD will let you know.

Make sure to make Building the Dam your number one stop throughout championship week as we will keep you updated on the national seed situation, as well as have full coverage of this weekend's pivotal series against Oregon.

Go Beavers!