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Castro Masaniai Charged, Suspended

Junior Castro Masaniai, the defensive tackle considered the heir apparent to the position Stephen Paea vacated when he graduated, has been charged with a number of offenses stemming from an incident Saturday afternoon.

Corvallis police responded at about 3:45 PM to the downtown McDonalds restaurant, to a report of a possible assault in progress.

Masaniai was subsequently taken to the Benton County jail, and booked on charges of second degree kidnapping, coercion, disorderly conduct, harassment, and criminal mischief, after a dispute with his girl friend, according to Corvallis police.

The second degree kidnapping charge arose after Masaniai reportedly tried to force his girl friend, who was not immediately identified, to leave the restaurant with him.

Masaniai will be arraigned Monday morning, when a court date will probably be set. Bail was initially set at $177,500.

Masaniai, a 6'2", 340 lb. native of Waipahu, Hawaii, was the third defensive tackle in the rotation last season until suffering a mid-season shoulder injury in the game against California.

Oregon St. head coach MIke Riley is out of town, and was not available to comment, but has suspended Masaniai indefinitely, pending further developments in the matter.