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De Carolis Gets An Extension, Parker Getting Help, Rueck Gets Some Size

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There is lots of news around Beaver Nation this morning, more than just the Beavers' 13-3 win over Portland last night, which featured Ryan Dunn hitting for the cycle. It was only the second time the voice of the Beavers, Mike Parker, has seen the rare feat accomplished, the other being in a Super Regional win on the way to Omaha, and one of the National Championships.

Speaking of Parker, yesterday's social media and talk radio story of the day had to do with the Youtube video of him eating more than just his meal at a Denny's Restaurant during last winter's basketball road trip to LA. The university, and his employers are standing behind Parker, who has apologized for the incident, and more importantly, the alcohol-related problem that led to it. Much more important than the apology, Parker has reacted with renewed efforts to engage assistance in handling the matter.

Long time Portland based journalist Dwight Jaynes said what many reasoned people are thinking in his column.

The incident distracted from the news that Oregon St. has extended Athletic Director Bob De Carolis' employment for an additional 5 years, through June of 2016. De Carolis has guided the Beavers' various athletic departments through a period of significant growth, and now gets to trade the stress of managing an over-extended department for the stress of managing a number of projects that apply the proceeds from the new Pac-12 media deal.

Ordinarily, the addition of a 6'7" female basketball player would be impossible to overlook, but yesterday's other breaking events managed to do just that . Oregon St. womens' basketball coach Scott Rueck announced the signing of Brazilian center Thais Pinto yesterday, an addition that addresses one of the key issues with Beaver women's hoops in recent seasons, the absence of a major sized force in the paint. Pinto will be available to Rueck this coming season. will take a closer look at each of these developments in the days to come. It was certainly one of the bigger news days in Corvallis in a long time.

Certainly plenty to think about. Jump in with your thoughts below.