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2011 NCAA Tournament: Connor's National Championship Pick

The NCAA Tournament concludes tomorrow night in Houston with the National Championship.

This year, I will be picking every NCAA Tournament game. If you want to join me in the comments section, I'll keep everyone's records as well. Enjoy!

Monday, April 4th (All Times Pacific)

Butler vs Connecticut, 6:25 PM, CBS

As a casual college basketball fan with no rooting interest outside of the Pac-10, you couldn't ask for a better championship game. On one side, you've got the perennial cinderella team in Butler. The Bulldogs are here after victories against Old Dominion, Pittsburgh, Wisconsin, Florida, and VCU. On the other side, representing the big, bad Big East, are the Connecticut Huskies. The 3-Seed Huskies have beaten Bucknell, Cincinnati, San Diego State, Arizona, and Kentucky.

Both teams have obviously had great seasons, and this should be a close one all the way. But for no particular reason, I'm going with Butler. Something about the team just gives off a championship feeling, and instead of falling short like last season, I think they escape with the crystal basketball this year. Prediction: Butler

Record: 48-18