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Beavers 2011 Football Season

I just took one of my finals; don’t have anything do today, might as well write my first BTD piece! I’ve been dying to see/talk some football, and have football on my mind, one idea is to run through Oregon State’s 2011 football schedule and pick wins and losses. I will admit that I am more bias towards the beloved Beavers; however, after the last season, I can’t overlook anything. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Sep. 3 - Sacramento St. @ OSU: WIN

Yes, my favorite actor, Tom Hanks, as well as Carlos Alazraqui are both alumni of Sacramento State; but no, they won’t win this game.

Sep. 10 - OSU @ Wisconsin: LOSS

If this game was being played in Corvallis, maybe the Beavers would win and definitely compete in this game. Unless there are a couple key turnovers during the game, the Beavers will drop this one.

Sep. 24 – UCLA @ OSU: WIN

Last season, the game could’ve been won by the Beavers, some might say easily…but the clock-managers in LA decided that outcome. Watching the UCLA/OSU game last year was pretty frustrating for me, because the Beavs had a lot of chances that they blew, and the game didn’t have to come down to a kick as time expired. Nevertheless, revenge in 2011!

Oct. 1 – OSU @ Arizona St.: LOSS

This was a tough one to pick, the game can go either way. Last year it was a shootout, with O-State coming out on top 31-28, 'Quizz owned the Sun Devils for 175 yards with 2 TD, including a 74-yard score. In 2011, the game will be played in Arizona, which gives the Sun Devils the edge, no JacQuizz (unless a newbie fits in his shoes), Katz will have to step-up big time for the Beavers to win. But this far in advance, I’ll have to give the Beavs a loss.

Oct. 8 – Arizona @ OSU: WIN

The only reason I’m going to pick the Beavers is because they’ll be at home, last season they won 29-27 in Tucson.

Oct. 15 –BYU @ OSU: WIN

Yup, calling it! Revenge for the 2009 Las Vegas Toilet Bowl, and it will be sweet. The Cougars didn’t really have a great 2010 season, I’m not sure what moves they made in the offseason, but the home field advantage will help out the Beavers.

Oct. 22 – OSU @ Washington St. (at Qwest Field, Seattle): WIN

Back-to-back games vs. the Cougars (no, not attractive elderly women) must be a rare event! Anyway, the 2010 s**t-show will hopefully be erased from the players’ memories, and the Beavers will put WSU in their place…the cellar of the PAC-12.

Oct. 29 – OSU @ Utah: LOSS

I don’t know too much about what Utah has done in the offseason, however, they cracked into the top-25 at the end of the season, despite getting lit-up by Boise State in the Las Vegas bowl. I believe that Utah is a solid team, and will be playing on their home turf.

Nov. 5 – Stanford @ OSU: LOSS

Andrew Luck will spoil the Beavers homecoming, because he is very good at playing football, I don’t think more explanation is needed.

Nov. 12 – OSU at California: WIN

A bounce-back win, after losing back-to-back games, the Beavers will get a good outcome against Cal. In 2010 the Beavers won 35-7, the game that got boring to watch after a while, quite frankly.

Nov. 19 - UW @ OSU: WIN

I don’t care that Polk is back, Locker isn’t, and that will hurt the Huskies. In 2010 the Beavers lost in 2OT, on a Mike Riley gamble/a certain player not hanging on to the ball, this season the game will be over in regulation, with the Beavers coming out on top.

Nov. 26 – OSU @ Oregon: LOSS

I believe they will continue the Civil War losing streak. Oregon will still be a powerhouse in the PAC-12. In my opinion the Beavers are only one year removed from getting the coveted win in 2012.

A final win-loss record of 7-5 for our 2011-12 Beavers will qualify them for a bowl game. I don’t think was too optimistic or too bias in my predictions. I don’t want to overlook the 2011 season; however, with a more established running game in 2012, and a senior QB leader in Katz, they might just give the Beavers enough to play in the Rose Bowl.