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Susac Says He'll Be Back

Oregon St. catcher Andrew Susac is back practicing with the baseball team, working on his conditioning. He says he will be back in action before the end of the season, and not just as a designated or pinch hitter.

"I feel great," Susac said Tuesday. "There’s still some pain, but that’s after surgery pain. I just have to rehab it and get the grip and strength back. Right now there’s not a whole lot of strength in the palm of my hand. I don’t expect to right now."

Susac had surgery last week, after breaking a small bone at the base of his palm below the little finger in the April 3 game at Arizona when he swung and missed a high outside pitch, and the bat nob rolled his wrist.

The doctor estimated it would take four to five weeks before Susac can swing and catch. That puts him on pace to be back for the last series of the regular season, the Civil War Series at Oregon.

Susac said catching will be actually be easier to do than hitting initially, hence his plan to come back as a catcher and not just a designated hitter.

"My goal is to come back this year," Susac said. "With the way we are playing right now, it’s looking good for us. If we are in a regional, I want to be full strength for that. That’s the whole goal. It’s something you don’t want to rush, so I’m going to have to fight rushing that."

In other injury news, right handed pitcher Taylor Starr did not suffer an additional injury to his arm that has already twice been surgically repaired by "Tommy John" surgery, and still expects to pitch for the first time in two years soon.

Starr was brought into the April 10 game against Arizona St., but took himself out of the game after warming up because there was tightness in his forearm, without facing a batter.

"I didn’t feel I was in the right situation to deal with it then," Starr said. "It’s one of those things with two Tommy John surgeries is a long process. It’s not going to be easy. You have to battle. I feel great now."

Beavers' coach Pat Casey said he will let Starr pitch when he feels ready.