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2011 PAC-10 TOURNAMENT: TV Schedule

The Pac-10 Tournament tips off on Wednesday when OSU takes on Stanford, and if you're like me and planning the week around Pac-10 Hoops, then continue reading. 

Games the Beavers are or could be involved in have a * next to them. All times listed are PST. 


*Game 1: Stanford vs OSU - 6:10 PM, FSN
Game 2: Arizona State vs Oregon - 8:40 PM, FSN


Game 3: USC vs California, 12:10 PM, FSN
*Game 4: Arizona vs Winner of Stan/OSU, 2:40 PM, FSN
Game 5: UCLA vs Winner of UO/ASU, 6:10 PM, FSN
Game 6: Washington vs Washington State, 8:40 PM, FSN


*Semifinal 1 (Winner of Game 3 vs Winner of Game 4), 6:10 PM, FSN
Semifinal 2 (Winner of Game 5 vs Winner of Game 6), 8:40 PM, FSN


*Championship, 3:15 PM, CBS