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2011 NCAA Tournament: Connor's Sweet 16 Picks

The NCAA Tournament continues tomorrow afternoon across the nation with the first games of the Sweet 16.

This year, I will be picking every NCAA Tournament game. If you want to join me in the comments section, I'll keep everyone's records as well. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 25th (All Times Pacific)

Connecticut vs San Diego State, 4:15 PM, CBS

A great game to start out the day. Connecticut is here after defeating Bucknell and Cincinnati, both pretty easily, in the first two rounds. San Diego State is here after a blowout win against Northern Colorado and a Double Overtime win against Temple. This one will be close all the way, but I think Kemba Walker and Company pull it out for the Huskies. Prediction: Connecticut

BYU vs Florida, 4:25 PM, TBS

I was very suspect of the Brandon Davies-less Cougars entering the tournament, but BYU proved they were for real after blowing out Gonzaga in the 2nd Round. Florida will be a whole different kind of test for Jimmer's Cougars, but I think they escape and advance to the Elite 8. Prediction: BYU

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Arizona vs Duke, 6:45 PM, CBS

The Wildcats have gotten some late game magic in their first two tournament games, but I think they'll be lucky if they are even in a position for some late game magic in this one. I'd like to see them prove me wrong, but the Blue Devils are just too deep and talented to lose this one. Prediction: Duke

Butler vs Wisconsin, 6:55 PM, TBS

Upset! I love the Bulldogs in this one. I don't care how you do it, anytime you beat a top seed in a 2nd Round game, you are for real. Wisconsin should put up a fight, but I think Butler will pull it out and seal it at the free throw line in the final minutes. Prediction: Butler

Friday, March 25th (All Times Pacific)

Marquette vs North Carolina, 4:15 PM, C

The Golden Eagles have certainly proved that they are for real so far in this tournament, but like Arizona, I think the Tar Heels will be too much for them. Prediction: North Carolina
Richmond vs Kansas, 4:25 PM, TBS

No doubt that Kansas wins this one. America is going to have to find another Cinderella team. Prediction: Kansas

Kentucky vs Ohio State, 6:45 PM, CBS

This one could be the best game of the Sweet 16. Many people, me included, thought that Kentucky was under-seeded going into the tournament, so I think this is more like a 1 vs 3 matchup. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see the Wildcats win this one, but the Buckeyes are my champion so I guess I have to go with them. Prediction: Ohio State

VCU vs Florida State, 6:55 PM, TBS

This is actually the toughest game to pick of this round. Both teams are hot and dangerous, but something has to give. I'm going with VCU for no particular reason, but the Seminoles could easily win this one as well. Prediction: VCU

Record: 38-14