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Tweet Your Way To Houston With SB Nation and Samsung

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Beaver fans won't be following their team to the tournament this season, much less the Final Four in Houston, Texas.

But there is great news about how a lucky Beaver fan could still get to go.

SB Nation, the parent organization that provides the platform the, has partnered with Samsung for "The Pride of March Tweetstakes."

The campaign is running from March 15th. through the 24th., and we're asking fans to submit a picture of you in your best fan gear, using Twitpic, or another similar platform. The more you stand out, the better. (We know there are some members of Beaver Nation who standout, and would enjoy seeing the Final Four live.)

All you have to do is Tweet the picture of yourself with the hashtag #SamsungTV for a chance to win travel, tickets, and accommodations for two to the Final Four in Houston, TX. SB Nation editors will hand select and announce the winner from the contestants. (Check out the official rules here .)

If you aren't familiar with using hashtags, or don't even know what a hashtag is, here's Twitter's explanation.

Good luck, and here's to a trip to Houston!