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Join the Building the Dam Bracket Challenge!

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It's Tourney join the Building the Dam Bracket Challenge! Sergey606 reigned supreme in the Pac-10 tournament...Are you going to let him do the same in the real deal?

To join the BTD Group on ESPN, just follow this link. The rules and instructions are below.

You will need an ESPN account to participate, and if you don't have one, just click Register in the upper right hand corner of the page. It's free!

Once registered, all you have to do is go to out group and press the "Join Group" button.

One entry per person.

All picks must be in by 9:00 AM Pacific on Thursday, March 17th.

The point system will be like this:

1st Round: 10 Points per correct pick
2nd Round: 20 Points per correct pick
Sweet 16: 40 Points per correct pick
Elite 8: 80 Points per correct pick
Final Four: 160 Points per correct pick
Championship: 360 Points per correct pick

There will be no prize for the winner, but if you finish first in all of, you win $10,000 cash. And if you finish second, you win $5,000 cash.

Enter now so you don't forget later in the week.

Good Luck!

--Connor (