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Previewing the Roadrunners with the UTSA Examiner

In order to get to know UTSA better before tomorrow's game, BTD did a Q&A with Chris Hockman of the UTSA Roadrunners Examiner. His answers are below. To see my answers to Chris's questions, click here. Enjoy!

Q. This will be the Roadrunners fifth game in four days, who do you expect to start for UTSA, or will it just be a mixture of relievers?

A. UTSA have had a pretty stable line up, no doubt as we get closer to the conference games they'll start throwing in more and more relievers, but they've been pretty solid, while still giving some of the relief players a chance. I think you should expect to say of their stars like Dalton but also a few guys fighting for a place in the team come the conference games.

Q. Though the Beavers will likely not face him, how did ace pitcher Jordan Langley look in his opener?

A. The game was away so I couldn't see it, but by all accounts he did fairly well he was able to hold the offense well despite UTSA losing the game, he managed to hold Louisiana-Monroe down to just one run, UTSA were leading the game while he was at the mound.

Q. The Beavers are a very young team, what about the Roadrunners? Are they very young, and which newcomers have made an impact thus far?

A. The Roadrunners are more on the other end of the spectrum made up mainly of seniors and juniors, such is the nature of college baseball you go through cycles. As for the Freshmen, RJ Peruki has been particularly impressive in the opening series managing 4 RBIs while reaching home twice himself. Riley Good has also impressed with a number of lead-off hits, putting the Roadrunners in front early, already with one home-run in his career.

Rest of the Q&A after the break

Q. What is UTSA's offensive identity? More "swing for the fences", or a lot of small ball like the Beavers play?

A. The Roadrunners like to assert their dominance early, in their opening series against Louisiana-Monroe they opened the scoring in all the games, and playing aggressively scoring 14 in their final game against Louisiana-Monroe. Ir's not so much about hitting it out of the park but about extra-bases.

Q. What's the weather like in San Antonio in late February? The Beavers opened up the season in Fresno, California, where it was surprisingly cool.

A. This February has been particularly nuts - 3 weeks ago we had snow and two days ago it was 80+ so it could be anything, most of the days have been fairly nice with gloomy clouds looking threatening but no real rain. San Antonio weather doesn't know what it wants to do at the best of times but February is the worst. With a noon first-pitch I'd have to say it'll be fairly warm, but I can never tell what the weather will throw up.

Q. Prediction?

A. It's going to be an interesting game, two conflicting styles really going head to head, UTSA will probably be more focused on this match up than the St. Joseph's games that come before it so they'll be keen to win but having Houston the very next day means they may still hold back some of their stars. If the offense gets off to a good start I think UTSA will do well but it's going to be tough to overcome a side like the Beavers. SO maybe this is just me sitting on the fence, but I think we'll see a great game with perhaps Oregon State edging it.

Thanks Chris!

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