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Pac-10 Hoops Recap: February 10th

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Washington 109, California 77: "Ah...How being a Cal fan will tease you. A 5-0 run to start the second half...gets immediately erased by an 13-0 Husky run. The rest of the game was just a glorified exhibition. Being down by an insurmountable amount, the Bears started pressing on offense which only fed the Husky transition machine.

We all knew that Washington would win a streetball game. Our only hope was the turn this into ugly, grind-it-out affair. We sort of screwed the pooch on that one from the opening tip." (Recap via California Golden Blogs)

Stanford 75, Washington State 62: "Although the turnover and rebounding battles ended in relative stalemates, Stanford’s shooting from three and points off turnovers made the difference between tonight’s outcome and another tough defeat to Washington State. Stanford committed 11 turnovers to WSU’s 12, but Stanford scored 16 points off turnovers, while WSU managed only 5 points.

With the win, Stanford pulls into a three-way tie for 4th place in the PAC-10. Washington State and Cal share the position with the Card." (Recap via The Daily Axe)

UCLA 64, Oregon 54: This one might of looked like a lackluster matchup at the beginning of Pac-10 play, but come Thursday night, this was a huge game in Los Angeles. The Bruins came into the game on the NCAA Bubble and holding second place outright, while the Ducks came in white hot and looking to sneak into the NIT.

The first half went back and forth, with the Ducks taking a 28-25 advantage into the locker rooms. The beginning of the second half was played in similar fashion, with both teams trading hoops. But Jerime Anderson put home a three pointer with 8:50 left to give UCLA a 44-41 lead, and the Bruins never looked back. UCLA extended the lead to as many as 11 with 2:05 remaining, and they knocked down most of their free throws down the stretch to get the 10 point victory.

Malcolm Lee led the Bruins with 25 points, while Joevan Catron led the Ducks with 15.

More game recaps and updated Pac-10 standings after the break

USC 67, Oregon State 56: "Oregon State pulled within seven twice more down the stretch, but after narrowly stealing the ball twice but never being able to control it, Maurice Jones hit a three pointer in the corner as the shot clock wound down to put the dagger in the Beavers. On the next trip down the court, Devon Collier put home two consecutive free throws, a rarity for the enitre Oregon State roster, especially him.

The Beavers still refused to quit, and after Donte Smith knocked down a pair of free throws, Oregon State still had a chance to cut the lead to seven. But Ahmad Starks turned the ball over, a sight seen to many times on Thursday night, and the Trojans knocked down the rest of their free throws to put the game away." (Recap via Building the Dam)

Updated Pac-10 Standings

1. Arizona, 20-4 (9-2)
2. UCLA, 17-7 (8-3)
3. Washington, 16-7 (8-4)
4. Stanford, 13-10 (6-6)
5. California, 13-11 (6-6)
6. Washington State, 16-8 (6-6)
7. USC, 13-11 (5-6)
8. Oregon, 12-12 (5-7)
9. Oregon State, 9-14 (4-8)
10. Arizona State, 9-14 (1-10)

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