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2011 Oregon State Baseball Media Day Open Thread

After opening up practice last Friday, Pat Casey will address the media for the first time this season at Oregon State's annual media day this morning. The festivities are set to begin at 11:15 AM, and Oregon State fans can view the press conference on BNO for free. Coach Casey is expected to discuss the 2011 team’s strengths, what the coaching staff is focusing on as the team begins its workouts, and how the team will need to mesh to be successful in the upcoming season.

I'll be in the comments section giving updates, and BTD will have full coverage of media day later tonight. Also, make sure to keep BTD open all day Wednesday, beginning at 6:00 AM for National Signing Day.

Full 2011 schedule after the break

February 19th- vs Gonzaga, 2:00 PM
February 20th- vs Gonzaga, 1:00 PM
February 20th- @ Fresno State, 6:05 PM
February 21st- @ Fresno State, 1:05 PM
February 25th- vs Connecticut, 12:00 PM
February 26th- @ Texas A&M Corpus Christi, 4:00 PM
February 27th- vs Indiana, 9:00 AM
February 28th- @ UT-San Antonio, 10:00 AM
March 4th- Hartford, 5:35 PM
March 5th- Hartford, 1:05 PM
March 5th- Hartford, 5:05 PM
March 6th- Hartford, 1:05 PM
March 8th- Oregon, 5:35 PM
March 11th- New Mexico State, 5:35 PM
March 12th- VMI, 5:35 PM
March 13th- VMI, 12:05 PM
March 13th- New Mexico State, 4:05 PM
March 18th- @ Long Beach State, 6:30 PM
March 19th- @ Long Beach State, 5:30 PM
March 20th- @ Long Beach State, 1:00 PM
March 22nd- Seattle University, 5:35 PM
March 23rd- Seattle University, 3:05 PM
March 25th- UC Santa Barbara, 5:05 PM
March 26th- UC Santa Barbara, 2:05 PM
March 27th- UC Santa Barbara, 1:05 PM
April 1st- @ Arizona, 6:00 PM
April 2nd- @ Arizona, 1:00 PM
April 3rd- @ Arizona, 12:00 PM
April 5th- @ Portland, 3:00 PM
April 8th- Arizona State, 5:35 PM
April 9th- Arizona State, 2:05 PM
April 10th- Arizona State, 1:05 PM
April 15th- @ Stanford, 5:30 PM
April 16th- @ Stanford, 1:00 PM
April 17th- @ Stanford, 1:00 PM
April 21st- Washington State, 5:35 PM
April 22nd- Washington State, 5:35 PM
April 23rd- Washington State, 2:05 PM
April 26th- @ Portland, 3:00 PM
April 29th- @ UCLA, 6:00 PM
April 30th- @ UCLA, 2:00 PM
May 1st- @ UCLA, 1:00 PM
May 3rd- Oregon, 5:35 PM
May 6th- California, 5:35 PM
May 7th- California, 2:05 PM
May 8th- California, 1:05 PM
May 10th- Portland, 5:35 PM
May 13th- @ Washington, 6:00 PM
May 14th- @ Washington, 2:00 PM
May 15th- @ Washington, 1:00 PM
May 20th- USC, 5:35 PM
May 21st- USC, 2:05 PM
May 22nd- USC, 12:05 PM
May 27th- @ Oregon, 7:00 PM
May 28th- @ Oregon, 2:00 PM
May 29th- @ Oregon, 1:00 PM