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Christmas Comes Early For USC

Matt Barkley announced today that he will return for his senior season at USC to quarterback the Trojans.

Here's his announcement video.

All-Conference first team Safety T.J. McDonald is coming back too.

USC fans are as expected, ecstatic. UCLA fans, and the rest of the Pac-12 South, not so much.

All-Conference and All-American offensive lineman Matt Kalil has announced that he will forgo his senior season to turn pro, as did All-Conference defensive lineman Nick Perry, but the Trojans will return their entire secondary and starting linebacker group, and will now have the Pac-12's leading quarterback, and both an all-conference first and second team wide receiver. In all, 19 starters should return.

Oregon St. does not play the Trojans next year. That could be a very good thing.

The UofO @ USC game in the LA Coliseum could probably sell 190,000 tickets, never mind the 90,000 it holds.

It will be interesting to see when the Conference Schedule comes out if this game is available for an ABC prime time game, or if it will be a Fox Sports game. Or if it will happen to fall on one of the weeks where the Pac-12 Network has first pick. Talk about a bargaining chip to get satellite and secondary cable carriers to close the deal. Larry Scott has a poker hand of 4 aces and a joker to play.