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Blog Poll Week 13 Ballot: Turn On The Blender

Major upsets last week were the equivalent of putting the top 25 in a blender and turning it on. This week, losses by Oklahoma St., Oregon, Oklahoma, Clemson, Southern Miss, Nebraska, and Florida St. were the equivalent of turning that blender on without putting the top on.

LSU looks like they belong at the top, but the SEC holding the top 3 spots looks more like a lot of soft scheduling than an outright advantage over the competitive rest of the college football world.

The Pac-12 hasn't had 3 top 10 teams in a long time, but here comes USC, and the disbelievers might want to brace themselves for that fact.


Bronco haters can chime in, but then so can haters of a lot of other teams.

Sun Belt discounters can do so too.

Place kickers who can't connect may have set a new record for the number of people they have disappointed this month, and that's quite an accomplishment, given history.

The draft becomes final Monday night, pending more surprises on the long Thanksgiving weekend.