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BlogPoll: Week 7 Draft Ballot

Here is my Week 7 BlogPoll Draft Ballot. Suggestions for changes are due by 9:00 PM Pacific on Monday, at which time I will submit the final BTD Ballot. As in our previous posts, I'll defend my picks after the jump.

SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25 College Football Rankings                    Building the Dam Ballot - Week 7



The top five remains the exact same this week after no one did anything to improve their placing or drop down some. Beginning at the top, Alabama shutout Vanderbilt 34-0 and Oklahoma killed Texas in the Red River Shootout, 55-17. The beatings continued with LSU thrashing Florida 41-11, Boise State crushing Fresno State in Fresno, 57-7, and Stanford was all over Colorado 48-7 in Stanford.


No changes here either. Everyone had big victories with the exception of Wisconsin, who was idle. The Oregon Ducks came back from a slow start to defeat California, 43-15. The Oklahoma State Cowboys pinned 70 on the Kansas Jayhawks in their 70-28 win. Arkansas proved they were top ten materialin their 38-14 win against Auburn, and Clemson rounds out the top ten with their 36-14 victory against Boston College.


Holding steady at number eleven are the Nebraska Cornhuskers, who needed a huge comeback to just get by Ohio State. Virginia Tech moves up one spot after their thrilling three-point victory over Miami (Florida). The Gamecocks move up one after their huge 54-3 win against Kentucky, and Michigan State moves up two spots without playing a game this week. Rounding out the top fifteen are the Longhorns. Texas dropped three places after their loss against #2 Oklahoma yesterday.


Everyone in this bunch moves up a spot this week thanks to Florida State's freefall. Georgia got a solid road win at Tennessee, while Texas A&M snuckout of Lubbock with a five point win over the previously undefeated Red Raiders. Illinois, Michigan, and Arizona State all survived "road trap weekend" with wins over Indiana, Northwestern, and Utah, respectively.


The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets move up two spots after their win against Maryland, while SMU moves up four places without playing a game. Florida is at #23 after their big loss against #3 LSU. The Mountaineers are at 24th after their big win against Connecticut, and Kansas State rounds out the poll after their 24-17 win against Missouri.

So, what do you guys think? Tell me what I need to change and provide a good argument for it and we will change it!