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BlogPoll Week 9 Draft Ballot

There is some serious shake up in the top 25 this week after Texas Tech upset Oklahoma and Michigan St. pulled out a last second win over Wisconsin.  Also, Stanford finally has a win (and it was a big one) over an apparently quality opponent.

I've had to pick up the poll for Connor, who had done an outstanding job for BTD on the poll so far this year, so ignore the "Delta" (which obviously doesn't work when the poll author changes; gotta love software) until next week.

I've felt LSU's defense and ability to respond to any distraction has merited them the #1 spot for several weeks.

I'm not sure #5 isn't too low for Boise St., but Oklahoma St., and now Stanford, have made some strong statements in support of their case.

It's tempting to elevate Oregon above Clemson, but that issue will resolve itself one way or another when the Ducks and the Cardinal meet.

Let me know what I should change, and why you think I should by Monday night!