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BlogPoll: Week 8 Draft Ballot

Here is my Week 8 BlogPoll Draft Ballot. Suggestions for changes are due by 9:00 PM Pacific tonight, at which time I will submit the final BTD Ballot. As in our previous posts, I'll defend my picks after the jump.

SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25 College Football Rankings
               Building the Dam Ballot - Week 8



The top five remains the exact same this week after no one did anything to improve their placing or drop down some. Beginning at the top, Alabama demolished Mississippi 52-7 and Oklahoma killed Kansas, 47-17. The beatings continued with LSU thrashing Tennessee 38-7, Boise State crushing Colorado State in Fort Collins, 53-13, and Stanford was all over Washington State in their 44-14 victory in Pullman.


There are no changes here either even though there were some close calls in three of the games. Wisconsin-Indiana was not one of those, as Russell Wilson and the Badgers rolled over Indiana 59-7. The Oregon Ducks got a relative scare this weekend when Arizona State came to town. Oregon would end up pulling out a 41-27 win, but Arizona State put up a good fight for three quarters. Oklahoma State got a solid win as they traveled to Austin and defeated Texas, 38-26. The Arkansas Razorbacks were idle and Clemson rounds out the top ten with a 56-45 shootout win at Maryland.


Holding steady at number eleven are the Nebraska Cornhuskers, who were idle over the weekend. Virginia Tech, South Carolina, and Michigan State all stay put as well after wins over Wake Forest, Mississippi State, and Michigan, respectively. Rounding out the top fifteen are the Georgia Bulldogs. Georgia moved up one spot after their 33-28 victory at Vanderbilt.


Finally we get to some movement. Texas A&M moves up one spot after their huge 55-28 win against Baylor. Next up is Texas, and yes, we’re using the "Georgia" method here. The Longhorns do have two losses, but they have been against teams ranked 3rd and 6th. Anyone outside the top ten would lose both of those games, so that’s why I don’t have them dropping too far. After the Longhorns we have SMU, who defeated UCF 38-17 on Saturday. West Virginia gets the "biggest award for not doing anything" award, as the idle Mountaineers moved up five places. Michigan rounds out the top twenty, dropping one spot after their loss to Michigan State.   


Holding steady at #21 is Georgia Tech, who suffered a heartbreaking 24-21 loss at Virginia on Saturday. Kansas State is next, moving up three places after their 41-34 victory at Texas Tech. Rounding out the Top 25 are two teams who lost this weekend and a lone newcomer. First up is Illinois, who suffered their first loss at the hands of Ohio State. At #24 are the Sun Devils, who battled hard but eventually lost to the Oregon Ducks in Eugene. Finally we get to the Penn State Nittany Lions, who enter the poll after a 23-18 victory over Purdue this weekend.

So, what do you guys think? Tell me what I need to change and provide a good argument for it and we will change it!